Great topics (including for preschool) at 11th Annual Special Education Conference


Fairfax County Public Schools is holding its 11th Annual Special Education Conference on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at Hayfield Secondary School. Registration is FREE!

There are fifty-three (53!!!) workshops over the three 1 1/4 hour sessions. To see the full workshop lineup, click here for the PDF with the descriptions:

They cover a wide range of relevant topics for preschool through high-school students. In addition to important reviews of dyslexia, anxiety, autism, supporting siblings and other learning challenges, I was most impressed by the selection of preschool-age topics, with a strong emphasis on promoting social-emotional skills and functioning. The elementary-school age lineup is strong, too (note: some of the preschool workshops' targeted audience includes preschool and elementary school age children).

Some examples:

  • Supporting the Development of Executive Functioning in Preschool and Elementary School Age Students
  • Building Independence in Preschool
  • Understanding and Molding Your Preschool Child's Behavior
  • Executive Function + Social Emotional Development = School Readiness
  • Movement is Magic 
  • Quality Practices in Early Childhood Inclusion
  • Teaching Social Skills to Young Children
  • Develop Your Child's Executive Functioning Skills Through Play and Mindfulness 

To register, go here:

Conference web page: 

For those who come by the office, I'll have a copy of the workshop descriptions out in the waiting area.